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Utilizing every bit of


Data Science consulting specializing in

social media & web/app Predictive Analytics (AI)


Silicon Valley

We give sense to your data and provide actionable business insights. Making it easy for your business to grow revenue, leads, customers... you name it.

Why choose us?

Meet Ava, our AI Consultant


Ava helps you determine what data analysis is right for

your business and performs free data analysis. Try it now!

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The power of Hidden data

You may use Google Analytics, but did you know, this is just the...

tip of the


Iceberg in the dark

Google Analytics

  • Predictive Analytics

  • Resources Optimization 

  • Descriptive analytics

  • Cross-database SEO

  • Big-data market research

  • NLP Sentiment Analysis



Full-stack data science

Nexting labs offers a wide range of data science solutions including, but not limited to:

  • Data Analysis (business analysis)

  • Predictive Modeling (AI)

  • Market Research 

  • Social Media Sentiment Analysis (NLP)

  • Computer Vision Model Development

Market Research 

We also provide market-wide research. This research is not like any other. We focus on publicly available big data. With this, insights and recommendations are done using raw data, but also once this data has been cleaned, and predictive modeling has been applied, this can tell us what the competition’s strengths and weaknesses really are, and therefore give us a high-accuracy insights of what your business should tackle to take them over. 

Predictive modeling

With the help of Machine Learning, we predict which variables/ features/ sides of your business can grow/decrease. 

For example, we can predict with a high accuracy your attrition rate, revenue growth, which buttons on your website/app create more leads, among others.

Sentiment Analysis

Utilizing Machine Leraning techniques, especially developing Deep Neural Networks, we are able to build models to identify what people are saying about your business online. We utilize customer reviews, social media comments and posts about your business to map people's perseption of your business and how it can be tackled from a strategic standpoint.

Data Analysis

We work witth a wide range of data anslysis solutions. 

  • Data mining

  • Data cleaning

  • Feature engineering 

  • Business insights (giving business sense to your data)

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Data science solutions for Startups, small-sized organizations

Nexting Labs LLC provides data science solutions to small and mid-sized organizations, such as data mining, data cleaning, data analysis, providing our clients with actionable business insights, to help them grow revenue, leads and users/customers, and minimize costs. 


Thanks to our knowledge in Machine Learning we are able to apply machine learning techniques such as predictive modeling, allowing us to predict revenue, attrition, costs, user acquisition, and other valuable business metrics.


Besides this, Nexting Labs LLC, also develops and trains deep neural networks, especially computer vision and NLPs, delivering AI tools to our clients so they stay ahead of their competition in today’s AI world. 


Below-market pricing

Thanks to running our machine learning models and not being over-dependent on 3rd parties we are able to deliver Silicon Valley quality at a fraction of price.

  • What is Nexting Labs?
    Nexting Labs is a Silicon Valley-based Data Science consulting firm, specializing in social media & web/app predictive analytics for startups and small-medium sized companies. Delivering deep data analysis, big data-based market research & SEO strategies, as well as Computer Vision model development.
  • How much does Nexting Labs charge per project?
    We offer below-average flat rates for our basic and premium plans. You can find the pricing here. But we understand each project has different needs, this is why we also offer custom plans tailored to your needs. Let’s talk!
  • Is Nexting Labs legit?
    Yes. Nexting Labs LLC is a California registered company compliant with laws and regulations, run by licensed professionals in the field.
  • How do I hire Nexting Labs for a project?
    Before anything, we encourage you to book a quick call with us to discuss your project and how Nexting Labs can help you achieve your goals. After a first call, we will make and give you a proposal for the project. Once the proposal is approved, we will start working on it and deliver it within the specified timeframe. During this time, you can schedule a certain amount of calls with us. We offer a minimum of 1 free call per week for the length of the project (amounts vary per plan chosen). At the end of the project, we will share with you our in-depth analysis and any extra documents specified in the proposal and chosen plan, as well as deliver a presentation with all findings and recommendations. Here you will be able to ask any questions you may have.
  • Can I get a refund?
    We do our best to deliver the top-quality services, but if for any reason you are unsatisfied with our services, you can get in touch with us here, and we will take it from there. For detailed information regarding our refund policy, kindly refer to our dedicated page.
  • I’m not in the US, can I hire you for a project?
    Of course! We are based in the US, but this doesn’t mean we don’t take projects from the rest of the world. We certainly do! In fact, Nexting Labs was built on our founder’s love and understanding for different cultures. Roger has worked and is close friendships with people from over 85 nationalities, allowing us to deliver our services in a way a few can due to lack of understanding and knowledge in so many different countries.
  • What currencies does Nexting Labs accept for payments?
    We are based in the US, which means we work in USD, but if you are unable to pay in this currency, let us know and we will most likely recommend you to use This will allow you to pay in your local currency, at the lowest or one of the lowest rates for international transfers.
  • What details are required to kick off the data analysis?
    This depends on what kind of data and objective you want to achieve, but if you want us to analyze our most popular set: social media and web/app data, then we will need to temporarily be invited as Meta Business Suite collaborator and its equivalents on other platforms. This way we can extract the needed datasets for our analyses. The same for Google Analytics or equivalents for your website/app. Once we have the needed data to work on the project, feel free to close the invite access. Remember, data is gold, and we take security and privacy very seriously, but we also want your success, so we will also remind you to protect it. Feel free to contact us for any questions:
  • Are there any discounts that can be applied to my order? If so, how do I apply it to my order?
    There might be a discount/s when you purchase your plan and hire us, in this case you will be able to type or paste the given discount code, at check out. It’s that easy.
  • How do I communicate with my assigned data analyst consultant?
    In the “Contact Us” section of your proposal document, there is a contact email and link to schedule a call. Feel free to get in touch with us this way.
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