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👋 Hi! It's Roger!

First of all, welcome to my portfolio. This is a never-ending page, so feel free to keep checking it ;) This is currently hosted on my company's site... yeah... I know, but you know... Nexting Labs being an extension of me... I thought why not, right?

Anyway! Let's say I've been an entrepreneur all my life, since all the way back when I was 12, when with "The Social Network" film in mind, I taught myself HTML and created my very own "social network" (very simple but it worked!) it connected and enterntained hundreds of people at a point. 

Well, I don't want to bore you. And... yeah... I tried and tried to make something big, until I started what I call my first successful business. A clothing brand. The money I made with it I later re-invested into my 2nd successful venture, Wifimilk. This was a 2k-listeners podcast featuring the likes of The founder of The North Face, YC founders, GP at 500 Global, founder with $15M+ in funding, and other big names. That really thaught me a ton and I earned a name within the startup world.

Holly molly, right! Yeah... But I need to always be doing stuff otherwise I go crazy haha jk. So in 2021 after my UG, I became a founding member at HypeX, a VC-backed startup where we pioneered fractionable digital wearable NFTs for the metaverse. 

After HypeX, I did my master's in Data Science, got into ML (predictive modeling), DL (computer vision, NLP), and recently into RecSys. So I thought you know what!? I'll start my own Data Science Consulting firm. So this is how Nexting Labs was born, as a place or "labs" for me to build "cool stuff", for both my clients and for Nexting Labs itself. 

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Data Science Projects

Career & Education

Master's in Data Science (Business Analytics)

- Spotify Hackathon winner (Predictive Modeling part)

- Vice-President of Sushi Club (Startup Networking)

- President Basketball Club (Most active club)


Hult International Business School

Founder & Podcast Host

- Self-founded by selling "Wifimilk" branded t-shirts

- Developed and launched a ranking-based site

- Pivoted to a top-notch founders and VCs podcast

- Featured the Founder of The North Face, YC founders, 500 Global GP, founders with $15M in funding, among others. 

- Built a 2k listeners-base in a couple of months


BBA Double Major in Marketing & Entrepreneurship

- Deans' List

- Peer recognition: Entrepreneurial Award


Hult International Business School


Nexting Labs LLC

Founder & Data Analyst

Successfully delivering projects in:

- Data Analysis, data mining, data cleaning

- Data visualization (Tableau & Seaborn)

- Predictive Modeling, feature engineering

- UX & UI web+app A/B testing 

- Big Data-based Market Research

- NLP Sentiment analysis & Computer Vision


HypeX Co.

Social Media Manager & Market Analyst

(Founding Member)

- Run Social media channels during IDO whitelist, global competition, and launch.

- The team built a 60k+ active crypto community

- Community management: Telegram & Discord

- Created whitepaper 

- Managed in-house designers & freelancers

- Implemented SEO strategies & Influencer Marketing

- Business Development

- Researched & Evaluated market trends 


Shareity Inc.

Marketing Intern (Paid Social)

- In charge of Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn paid ad campaigns

- Created social media ad assets

- Defined customer persons

- Promoted online events with 170+ attendees


Inibsa Group

Summer Intern (Accounting & Sales)

- Conducted +100 calls with private & public hospitals to switch to electronic invoicing
• Processed customer invoices
• Contributed to the budgeting process

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