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Introducing Nexting Labs, a full-stack Data Science company

Nexting Labs’ logo

Note by our Founder & CEO, Roger Lopez Benet

Introducing Nexting Labs LLC:


I’m EXTREMELY EXCITED to introduce you all to Nexting Labs LLC, my newest venture.

This, being my first US company and the fact it’s based in the place I’ve been calling home for about 7 years, the Bay Area, a place that not only has welcomed me since the very beginning but also a place where big dreams come true. Mine started when I was 12, when I first built a social site back in middle school, I’ve had a clothing brand, hosted my own podcast featuring founders with $15M+ in founding, GP at 500 Global, YC founders, The founder of The North Face…, and now it’s time for delivering Data Science consulting services to small and mid-sized companies.

There is a problem in our society, and I’m not talking about consumers, I’m talking about business owners, and managers. They have millions of data points, but only a small amount is used, in many cases this means that only 10% of this data ends up being used. Yet, every single bit of data is important. Even those that seem useless, together with thousands of other data points can gain business sense. This is what we do.

To be more precise, Nexting Labs LLC provides data science solutions to small and mid-sized organizations, such as data mining, data cleaning, data analysis, providing our clients with actionable business insights, to help them grow revenue, leads, users/customers, and minimize costs, or even predict which buttons or colors on your website/app can bring in more leads….

Thanks to our knowledge of Machine Learning we are able to apply ML techniques such as predictive modeling, allowing us to predict revenue, attrition, costs, user acquisition, and other valuable business metrics.

Besides we develop and train deep neural networks for our clients especially computer vision and NLPs, delivering AI tools to our clients for them to stay ahead of the competition in today’s AI world.

We are excited about this journey and can’t wait to see where even your most insignificant data points can take your business!


Let’s get in touch!

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