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Below market pricing with top-notch Silicon Valley Quality

Custom Plans

If you know exactly what you want from your project, and are looking for a 100% tailored data analysis, we are more than happy to jump on a call to discuss it. 

Fixed Plans

If you have a rough idea but don't know exactly how to approach a data analysis project, no worries, this is why we are here! 

Please, check the plans below and feel free to book a call in case you have any questions. Once chosen the plan we will contact you and start your project ASAP.

Choose your pricing plan

Find the one that works best for you

  • Basic Plan

    Perfect for businesses with small datasets looking for a solid deep-analysis
    Valid for one week
    • Database inspection & data cleaning
    • Basic business/marketing/web data analysis
    • Deep Analysis Report
  • Most Popular

    Premium Plan

    Perfect for businesses with medium/large datasets looking for predictive analytics
    Valid for 2 weeks
    • All the Basic Plan services are included
    • Predictive Analytics (machine learning)
    • Data Visualization
    • Market & Competition in-depth Analysis
    • SEO Analysis
    • In-depth report with: findings, insights, & recommendations
  • Platinium Plan

    Ideal for businesses heavily reliant on website/app sales
    Valid for one month
    • All Premium Plan services are included
    • A/B Testing on marketing strategies and product features
    • Web/App UX Analysis
    • Web/App UX Redesign

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